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Guidelines for choosing your username

Username is a unique name representing you on okidoki.

Username is used to log in and is displayed on the pages with your ads.

Please remember that usernames:

  • Must contain only Latin letters (a-z, not case-sensitive), numbers (0-9),and some other characters
  • Must contain between 2 and 32 characters
  • Cannot contain spaces
  • Must be decent and comply with ethical norms
  • Cannot be an email or a website address or clearly associated with them

Username cannot contain:

  • Characters: @, &, ', <, >
  • Several consecutive underscores (e.g. "___")
  • At the beginning of the username: an underscore "_", hyphen"-", or a period "."
  • Spaces or tabs
  • The word okidoki
  • Indecent or provocative words

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