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Ad Rules


okidoki reserves the right to change any data in the ad, making best effort to retain the essence and all details specified by the User.

By posting an ad on okidoki, you agree:

  • To assume responsibility for the contents and accuracy of the information contained in the ad.
  • To allow contacting you via the internal messenger or by a phone number specified in the account settings.
  • When selling tourism services, the name of the company whose services are offered for sale shall be specified.

On okidoki it is prohibited

  • To post ads about gift acceptance, acquaintanceship, finding, losses, purchase or searching. The exception is for job searching ad in the Job section.
  • To post ads in sections for other topics.
  • To post ads with the same content and meaning.
  • To post ads that violate the law (e.g. contain promotion of violence, racial hatred, pornography, copyright infringement, etc.).
  • To post ads that violate generally accepted moral and ethical standards.

Ad titles

  • Ad titles shall contain only the name of goods or services in the nominative case.
  • The words “For Sale” and “Offered” cannot be used.
  • Titles cannot contain any contact information, email addresses or links to other websites.
  • Calls to action are forbidden (e.g. “Offer your price”).
  • Special characters and words drawing attention cannot be used (e.g. “Urgent”, “Attention”).
  • It is necessary to observe punctuation rules and to use punctuation marks reasonably.
  • The text cannot be written in all capital letters.

Prices in ads

  • Do not mislead by specifying incorrect prices; the price must be real.
  • A reasonable price will make an ad more effective.
  • The price shall be specified in a separate field. It cannot be listed in the title.

Ad description

  • Correct display of an ad is not guaranteed if the description of the ad contains HTML code added by the User.
  • It is prohibited to use JavaScript. It is also prohibited to use any other code that uploads external scripts or pages automatically (e.g., "includes" or "iframe"), opens pop-up windows, manipulates cookies, offers to download any software, modifies contents of the page beyond the "Description" of the ad, or redirects visitors to another resource automatically.

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